What Streaming Sites Pay The Most?

What Streaming Sites Pay The Most?


A deep dive into what streaming sites are paying recording artists the most

It’s a popular point of discussion in recording studios around the world. In a city like Ottawa, members of parliament dictate royalty payments for the country.

For years, certain streaming companies have lobbied courts to change laws on artist payouts. They have tried to pay less than they already do. Some streaming companies even blame the artists as a reason why they can’t be more profitable.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

The good news: Some streaming companies are making big strides towards helping artists. Things like direct-to-artist payout systems and e-commerce integrations are improving the artist’s profitability. With the advent of Web3, blockchain, and NFTs, a direct way for fans to pay artists payments is a not-so-distant future away. Let’s get to the important stuff:

How Much Does Each Music Streaming Service Pay Per Stream?

The above data is from The Trichordist.  A community blog that helps the advancement of artists on the internet. “This data set is isolated to the calendar year 2019 and represents a mid-sized indie label with an approximately 350+ album catalog now generating over 1.5b streams annually”

Among the top-paying streaming sites per stream are Tidal, Peloton (yes, the bike company), and iHeart Radio. Sites like Youtube, Spotify, and Apple don’t pay as much because of their popularity. That said, you’re more likely to receive more streams through them because they are popular. This means more money for your music.

How Do I Get My Music Streamed Everywhere?

You don’t need to upload your music to each music streaming service separately. There are services like Distrokid and CDBaby, one set fee will distribute your music across the many streaming platforms and they will also issue payment to you from the streaming platforms. Trust us, you want to be on as many as you can to maximize earnings and independent artists often don’t have the luxury of choosing like big artists do.

Other Ways To Make Money From Music Streaming.

Let’s be clear, making money from music streaming isn’t easy but with a bit of work, you can make your music more profitable.

First off, ensure you are doing the research on how to get into all possible streaming outlets. If you know of an app, channel, streaming service, radio station or anything else that plays music. Do your homework to find out how to get on each. There are hundreds of places that stream music. Some are mentioned in the above diagram.

Furthermore, find out what other options are available for artists from each streaming site and service. For example: Youtube and Spotify now allow for ecommerce integrations. This means you can turn your music channels into merchandise stores on the platforms. Also, streaming companies like Tidal are launching direct-to-artist payment programs. Tidal now sends artists an increase in payments if your music is among the top streamed by a particular user in a given month. Both these are examples of how to earn money above and beyond just streaming royalties, ensure you’re taking advantage of all of them.


*This article was contributed by Mason at centsr.com

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