Truly Inspired

When I was first introduced to Mikayla Menzies, I had no idea what this quiet, young powerhouse was about to unleash onto the speakers.
On the first day in the studio, we referred to a voice memo that she’d made on an acoustic guitar and started building up the production. We imagined an ethereal world where the vocal would dance with the atmospheric guitar and synth sounds.
Later on that evening when I re-listened to what we’d done that day, I immediately felt a sense of sadness.. the lyrics had finally hit me as a listener and I couldn’t help but wonder who the song was about. Deep down I knew.

The next day, Mikayla opened up about losing her mum (far too early) that this song had been brewing for some time and needed to be exhaled.
This is ‘Mess’ and this is amazing.

Mikayla (who is now based in Victoria, BC) and I are collaborating on a handful more singles, each one unique and precious.

Here are her socials, stay tuned and have a great weekend!

Connect with Mikayla Menzies:


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