The Human Crush

Hey everybody, what’s shaking?

Here’s an overdue update from the creative cockpit, here at Johnny Hall…

It’s  been quite the eclectic musical trip these past few months; been working with Canadian country duo ‘Sons Command‘ on a pile of tracks for their upcoming record. A big congrats to the boys for having their tune ‘Go For A Ride’ added to multiple country music stations across the country, and counting.  We cut the catchy ‘Georgia Florida Line-esque’ track here last year.

In January, we took some of the studio to a remote chalet to make a unique sounding record with Beau Réal.
We recorded the lead vocal for “Wide Eyed,” a powerful song about a fallen soldier’s return home, in 1-take.
Frontman Dan Baker sang the track outdoors in sub-zero temperatures.
Click here to watch a video for ‘The Golden Years,” featuring Craig Irvine on lead vocals.  In this video, bassist Dave is actually recording the bells part. We also asked Dave if he’d take off his shirt and dance to the iPhone video. He so kindly obliged.

Been putting some finishing touches on Liam Lloyd’s full length follow-up to “Against the Sun.

leMeow has released its trippy vintage-meets-future sounding debut EP!
As well, you can watch its 50’s-inspired video for Evening Blues here.
Wanna quick preview of the leMeow sound? Check out the sampler.

The Riishi Von Rex project is nearing completion.
This dynamic duo, with the help of a couple of special guests, belt out a very serious dose of progressive witchcraft-rock.

Other news:

Just finished mixing Ty Hall‘s upcoming EP.  The tunes have flavours of Caribbean & funk.
This project was produced by Andrew Burns & Ty Hall.

I’ve been having a blast mixing and tracking overdubs on an upcoming Jeremy James ‘deep house’ project.
Thanks to Sarah Deluca and Brian Asselin for lending their voices.

Had a great couple of sessions with the Peptides. We worked on 2 numbers.

Almost done mixes for awesome punk/metal group ‘Snails.’

That’s it for now.

As the NHL playoffs approach, we must learn to carefully manage our time.

If you are or know an artist who is a great talent and is making unique music, feel free to get in touch with us here at Johnny Hall Productions about a future collaboration.

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Cheers everyone and thanks for checking in!

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