Sweet Melodies & Madness!

I quite enjoyed a recent episode of Pensado’s Place featuring Ron Fair, the new head of Virgin Music U.S. Ron made a fascinating  point about how a ‘hit melody line’ doesn’t always necessarily reflect present taste buds. For example if you look at my idea of a chronological hit melody making chain such as “Gershwin-Beatles-Eagles-ABBA-Nirvana-Bruno Mars,” you can see how a Billboard Top 10 melody can peak in cycles.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending the past couple of years collaborating and making records for a variety of groups & artists whom I admire.
All the while I’ve been writing material and slowly but steadily tracking songs for my upcoming solo project. With a finish line now in sight, I’m pumped to be back making my own music on my terms.
And I’ve had quite a bit of help from my friends along the way:

Over 25 tunes have been recorded, mostly here at my recording studio in Ottawa.
Other sessions were performed with my good friends Mauricio Gargel in Nashville, Kenevan McConnon in Bellefonte, PA as well as with Chuck Wild at his place in Los Angeles.
Some fab musicians to mention; Caleel Hall, Jeff Asselin, Liam Lloyd, Jena Munn & James Rooke.

Stay tuned for updates on the record and its release.

Side note.  Did anyone not love the movie “Searching for Sugar Man?”

Also, I’m pumped to be one of the producers who will take part in this year’s edition of the
LiVE 88.5 Big Money Shot. Thanks for having me on board!

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