Shawn Tavenier’s Promise of Love.

It had been a minute since I worked on a complete track with my ol’ friend and confidante, Shawn F. Tavenier.

A few years ago, his band SilverCreek and I headed down to 22 Studios in Bellefonte Pennsylvania to track their Princes and Kings record, which is one of the first records that I’d co-produced with an artist.  Those sessions were quite creative, invigorating and tumultuous.  There was mass collaboration and in-fighting, all at once.  I’m quite proud of that record.  On the track “Mexico,’ Shawn dug our idea of having him scream murder and bark like a dog from the top of his lungs to compliment the tune’s dark ambiance.

Fast forward to 2 days before Christmas, Shawn has a tune and an idea of turning it into a beautifully spirited video, where he hands flowers out to perfect strangers.  He would release it on New Year’s day.  Dave Ladoux and Shawn make this video happen (see below)

As we scrambled to record and mix the tune before the Christmas break,  I suggested to Shawn that we start our mixing session at 8am on Dec 23rd.  During a breather, we recorded some our conversation for my new HumanCrush Podcast.  You can listen to our chat as well as the tune itself  ‘Promise of Love,’ on the home page TRACK#7 (JohnnyHallRadio)  

please enjoy.

As well, you can purchase the track here!  

Lots more happening in the submarine. Stay tuned!


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