Season of Grooves

Hey everyone!

Been a while since I’ve posted a blog on here..Been working away on a few exciting projects.

First off, I spent a couple of weeks in Los Angeles, catching up with my publisher as well as meetings and parties with music friends. I was ecstatic to catch up with one of my mentors, Chuck Wild.   Chuck was a member of new wave supergroup Missing Persons in the 80’s, then went on to work in television, with Michael Jackson and Frank Zappa to name a few. Chuck’s latest projects include the chart-topping new age collection titled ‘Liquid Mind.’ He is brilliant at music, business and more importantly, in life.

I’ve recently gotten involved with the Recording and Film Connection in Los Angeles, and it was nice to finally meet the team in the flesh, especially the school’s coordinator Sean Tallen.  He’s a great producer to boot. We had a vintage vinyl electro night at his place in Sliver Lake.

I hung out at the filming of a Pensado’s Place episode.  Herb, Dave and Chongor were great hosts. Thanks guys.

Hanging with songwriters Simon Wilcox & Burton Cummings was also a treat.


Looking forward to the release of Emma Minturn’s EP which was done here recently. Loved working with her.

Also, ilvekyo has just eleased its EP “Good As Gold.” and I think that everyone should check it out. We aimed at keeping it pretty stripped down and intimate.  The songs are great in my opinion.

Working on huge sounding tracks care of  Blak Denim.  The 5-song hip-hop jazz/rock EP is uber energetic, hook laden and downright funky.

Recently, I headed up to my isolated cabin in the woods to work on some pre-production with songwriter and friend Liam Lloyd.
This will be our 3d collaboration and quite a change in direction for him artistically.

Other project on the burner include:

Beau Real, Angela Marie, Riishi Von Rex and “Les Mosquitos” remix.

Happy spring!

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