Rob Ford; the musical.

Check out the new Angela Marie (aka Angela Raspberry) tune ‘Jibberish.’
We wrote this one together. Mike Guibault dropped by the studio to shoot some video while we were finishing up, check it out!

Hope that everyone is enjoying the beauty summer. Wish I could spend a little more time outdoors, but I’ve been crushing some tunes here at the studio; this is what’s happening..

Working on a few singles; with Atlanta’s Eversen Bevelle, Ottawa’s Eric Gilmore & the Mad Hatters, WSM Band, The Lionyls & Tales From the Back Seat. Also worked on a vocal track with JW Jones for his upcoming release.

In progress, are works by Liam Lloyd, The Human Crush, and Genevieve ‘Gini’ Bourgeois, who brought her magnificent antique xylophone to the studio.

Emma Minturn’s EP is now out; here’s one of my faves, ‘SOBER.’

Sober-Emma Minturn

Here are a few related pics, and random ones too.

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