One Thing That I Know (feat CaBIN FeVER CHOiR)

I sincerely hope that eveyone is doing well and taking the time to learn and discover new things.

These strange times inspired me to write this next track and I invited a few friends to collaborate with me. The neat thing is that the entire production was created remotely by having each artist record and film their parts independently, at home.

A big thanks to the CaBIN FeVER CHOiR:

Michel Delage & Riishi Von Rex:
Tyler Kealey:
Liam Lloyd:
Shawn Tavenier:…
Chuck Wild:
JENNA Nation:

and Produce Brothers Ottawa:

I hope “One Thing That I Know” will help lift your spirits during these cabin fever days of spring.

At the end of the song, you’ll find bonus content about how the audio came together and the lyrics.

In loving memory of Tim Schoorl



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