Northern Lights Festival

So I headed to Sudbury, Ontario, Canadia, to fill in on guitar with Tympanic for a couple of gigs at the Northern Lights Festival, now in its 36th year, and we had a blast.

Not much going on between Ottawa and Sudbury, except for trees, loads of mineral and a couple of cool little towns.

Sudbury is know as a mining city of 160 000 people, I reckon half french speaking,  home of science north as well as temporary abode to scientists and researchers from all over the world who often congregate in a laboratory almost 1-mile underground.  Apparently much of the “God Particle” research has been going on down there.

Speaking of God particles., Sudbury, as I quickly found out, is soaked in culture and music.

Many neat gypsy and hipster bands were on the Northern Lights bill as were headliners Daniel Lanois, Joel Plaskett and barenaked Steven Page.

Tympanic, a super energetic 5-piece jam band that I’ve been producing in Ottawa, had a gig at the festival and another at the Townhouse (a club) which was jammed.  We had a great show, and it ended with a tuba/fiddle/clarinet-gypsy band joining on stage for a tune that eventually spilled out onto the street. It was super fun.

I also discovered a great band while at the Northern Lights Festival. They are called the Hidden Cameras; the bass player caught my attention in his tight rolled-up jean shorts and 3-inch heels.  I caught a few tunes and was immediately drawn into singer Joel Gibb’s hooks and killer voice.   The 6-plus piece Toronto indie group is definitely worth checking out, seems like they have quite a few great songs.

Hope everyone is having a great summer thus far, enjoying a few rays, spending a little time outdoors and being inspired.
It’s a hot one, let’s live it up!

Back at the submarine, I’m finishing up projects; Tympanic and Liam Lloyd EP’s as well as reuniting with my long lost writing partner, Jena Munn. Wish us luck!

Peace on Jupiter!

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