Switch (Break It Down)-Black Denim

"Switch!-Black Denim- MP3".

BlakDenim New EP Sneak Peek

Precise Kenny Creole & BlakDenim- Intoxicated

Switch (Break It Down) from Complexus was mixed by Eric Eggleston

The Vangard(en) EP was produced by BlakDenim & Eric Eggleston

Recorded & Mixed by Eric Eggleston

‘One Hit’ engineered by James Robertson.

Additional engineering by Jonah Jones

BlakDenim is a vanguard 11 piece hip-hop act that brings together clever lyrics, smooth vocal harmonies and a banging rhythm section with funkified horns.
This mulch of hip-hop, funk, rock, soul, jazz and with its lyrical content that ranges from the serious to the absurd rocka-fies most in its path  .
This high-energy force is comprised  of drums, bass,  piano, turntables,  guitar, trumpet,  tuba,  congas,  cello, flute,  vocals & an emcee.

In their relatively short time together BlakDenim has created serious buzz by opening for global acts such as Chali 2Na (of Jurassic 5) and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, and collaborating with notable songwriters/ producers including Greig Nori of Treble Charger, Eric Eggleston of Johnny Hall Productions) and James Robertson (Esthero, Down with Webster, etc.).
The future looks bright as BlakDenim competes alongside the top 6- down from 60- in the LiVE 88.5 (Newcap Radio) Big Money Shot. Previous finalists have gone on to significant critical and commercial success as well as Juno nominations.
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