JOSEF the Running Man

Happy Release Day to my silk-voiced collaborator!

The Running Man by JOSEF is out today.
Josef and I have been writing together on his project for a couple of years now.
A typical session usually starts with Josef coming to the studio, I’ll ask him what kind of song he wants to write. Josef being a little younger, is discovering all sorts of classics and so he’ll say let’s write a disco tune, a funk song etc.
 In this case and to my delight, he says ‘let’s write a rock groove.’ 
I’ll hand him a handheld mic (he digs the M-80 by Telefunken)
While I work on the music and arrangement, he’s writing lyrics while punching in lines here there so that we don’t forget. We’ll work in tandem this way until we have a decent sketch/demo of the tune, which takes 4-5hrs. 
The demo will usually have a handful of sonic and vocal elements that make it to the final mix. 

I’d say that this is my favorite way to work. Complete meditation, no overthinking, just art.
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