Down with 22!

Weekend at Bellefonte PA’s 22 Studios.”

Last week, I made the 8-hour drive south of the border to Bellefonte, a neat town in central Pennsylvania, to visit some of my audio-mates.

I’ve worked there in the past on various projects such as: ilvekyo, Silver Creek, with Ben Cooper, France’s Léna Luce and have recently laid down thunderous bed tracks for an upcoming project of mine.  This time around, I sought refuge from my work load and decided to head down with a couple of music pals of mine, Liam Lloyd and James Rooke.
Timing was essential as I wanted to catch up with Australian engineer/producer Dean Tuza, who’d been at 22, working on various mixes, including a much anticipated project/collaboration with David Kahne on an Aussie project called “the Reubens.”

For the past couple of years, I’ve felt at home in Bellefonte;  spending countless hours in the vibe-y studio, having breakfast at the next door Waffle Shop, dinner at the Gamble Mill and late night soccer matches in the parking lot, usually with Dan Johnstone.

The studio’s gear list would make anyone horny, and Kenevan was happy to introduce me to his new outboard acquisitions, which included a Culture Vulture, an API 5500 EQ as well as some new converters.

The microphone and instrument closets are also to die for.  Sometimes, if we have a little downtime, we’ll experiment with gear and see what kind of new sounds we can create.  This is a favourite pastime of mine.  You never know what you’ll get by tweaking a signal path.

The studio also houses a couple of tape machines (a Studer and an ATR) for the analogue heads who wish to record on them.
On the Silver Creek record, we used the Studer quite a bit, as you can tell by carefully listening for hiss on the record. I find that tape suits certain projects.

For an upcoming project of mine, we tracked drums using only Royer Labs ribbon microphones (101’s, 121, 122, valve etc) and I plan on finishing the entire tune using only Royer mics as an experiment. We’ve been documenting this, stay tuned.

Peace on Jupiter!

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