5 Maple Blues Nominations for JW-Jones’ Sonic Departure, including Producer of the Year!

When Covid19 hit and the lockdown began, Eric and JW-Jones set out to finish JW’s record ‘Sonic Departures.’

The two lads worked remotely using various apps, and since the studio was off-limits during lockdown, Eric lent a hand in setting the blues maestro up with a recording setup of his own. With a home recording solution, J-Dub was able to finish up some vocal and guitar tracks.  While he was at it,  JW recorded his wife Brit’s smooth harmonies on a couple of numbers.

‘Sonic Departures’ which features a 13 part horn section, was released in September.

On November 1st, it was announced that the album was nominated for 5 Maple Blues Awards including: Album, Artist, Entertainer, Electric Act and Producer of the year.

We’re all very honoured to be recognized by the Blues world for this project.

Everyone can vote here: CLICK HERE TO VOTE

The voting process takes about 1 minute.

Please stay tuned and thank you for your support!



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