‘During Covid, we’re feeling like rats in a cage with nothing to do, so we turn to drugs to escape.’

‘During Covid, we’re feeling like rats in a cage with nothing to do, so we turn to drugs to escape.’

Alanna Sterling’s single, “Chemicals”, tells the painful truth of what it’s like to lose someone you love as they succumb to the grips of addiction. With the opioid epidemic on the rise, and young lives being lost daily to overdoses, this song is more relevant than ever and needs to be heard.

Sterling sings about their girlfriend, how they’ve reached out to help her, but there’s nothing they can do as they watch her throw her life away to chase the drug that rules over her. She is powerless and digs deeper into the addiction until it completely consumes her, leaving nothing left of her but a shell of what she once was.



Alanna Sterling is a gender fluid, genre-bending vocal shapeshifter who transforms their battles with mental health into powerful songs. With their dynamic voice, ear for production, and multi-instrumental capabilities, Sterling truly does it all with their music.

As a rising star on the world’s most popular live-streaming platform, Alanna has gained thousands of followers all over the globe on Twitch TV under the alias “MermaidUnicorn”. They were invited to perform on multiple stages at TwitchCon in San Jose, Berlin and San Diego for crowds of up to 40,000 viewers. MermaidUnicorn took home first place in Twitch’s singing competition, Stream Star Season 2, which unlocked the doors for a record deal with Columbia Records in the US.

For the past 2 years, Sterling bared their soul on their sleeve writing and recording their manifesto to mental health, an album entitled “Mind/Matter”, with Eric Eggleston of Johnny Hall Productions. Each song tells a story about a different experience – grief, anxiety, OCD, addiction, and imposter syndrome to name a few – delivering meaningful lyrics and unique musical soundscapes paired with next-level production.

*Alanna Sterling is featured in episode 1 of ‘The Human Crush’ now on demand on TV1.


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