The King is Still King

I was recently cruising around in a rental car which had Sirius/XM satellite radio, and was reminded of my fondness for Elvis Aaron Presley’s voice and music.
Channel 19 is Elvis Radio;  it rocks Elvis hits and rarities 24/7.
The station broadcast’s directly from Graceland,  I do recall seeing the radio booth when I was there…

I’ve not yet subscribed to satellite radio due it’s often thin, low bit rate sound files, which are harsh to the ear thus impossible to crank.  Three times out of ten, you can hear phasing cymbals in the track.

This time around, I quickly forgave the space transmitter for it’s inferior sound quality and for a week, was mesmerized by Elvis stories and tunes that I’d never heard before.  They even played my favourite rarity;  a live version of  “Are You Lonesome Tonight,” when, during the 2nd verse, the king starts laughing and cannot stop. It’s amazing!

A few years back, a business man who was an investor in our band at the time, had hired us to perform a private/corporate event right at Graceland on Elvis Presley Blvd in Memphis, Tennessee.   We ate ribs, drank Jack and spent a whole day/night with the ghost of Elvis.
Later on and after the gig, our bass player was apprehended trying to scale the front gates to the house lol.

Up until then,  I was familiar with Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog & Can’t Help Falling in Love, but until I returned  from my southern sojourn, I had no idea how deep his catalogue went and how great of a singer Elvis truly was.

For  the next year, I was sort of obsessed; buying up posters, artwork and vinyl..digging deeper into the music and learning his story.  I even asked my folks for their gift mug back.

This guy was uber prolific, almost unparalleled.  He might’ve never written a tune,  but he recorded about 1000 of them, often in one-take performances, and without the help of auto-tuning or other plug-ins.
He also starred in 31 films and was quite generous toward the less fortunate.
He was a major influence on the Beatles and nearly everyone else growing up at the time.

Elvis Presley is cool as f*&K!

Here are a couple of neat tracks to get you in Elvis mood:
Check out the awesome vocal performance in this one, so much pep. One-Sided Love Affair

I’ve recently discovered ‘A Whistling Tune,’ after splitting up with a girlfriend.  I gave her what I thought were all the crappy vinyl records from our collection, including this one.  Then one day, she played it for me as I regretted throwing it into the bunch.

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