Regala in Ocala

My main man ‘the Kenevan’ invited me down to Ocala, Florida for the latest masterclass with Bruce Swedien, featuring very special guest, Ed Cherney.

Most are familiar with Bruce’s work in shaping the groundbreaking sounds on Michael Jackson’s best and most famous recordings, but what you might not be aware of, is that he cut his teeth recording Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie and the list goes on and on.  Bruce hears things in a way in which he sometimes can’t explain.

Over the course of seven days, I was blessed to be part of a select group that would be let into Bruce’s world.


Bruce’s longtime friend and protégé, Ed Cherney hung out with us for the week.  In addition to his  many generous insights, he let us mix one of his tunes on the Harrison 32C desk.   Ed assisted Bruce on Michael’s “Off the Wall,” and has since gone on to produce/engineer  award winning records by such artists as Bonnie Rait, the Rolling Stones, Jackson Browne & Sting.

Acoustic Sciences Corporation founder Art Noxon, author/producer Bill Gibson as well as Royer Labs’  John Jennings were also in the house to contribute to a truly “Winning” experience.

Much love to the ever blossoming brotherhood of sound;   Fred, Jeff, Joe, Rama & Aaron.

A massive thanks to Ramsees Mechan & Kenevan McConnon

Back to work, lots of great projects going on, talk soon!


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