Recording Silvercreek

On January 2nd, the Silvercreek boys and I left for 22 Studios.  Each one of us, burnt out  from the holiday season,  raced to the border with excitement & poise.

State College, Pennsylvania to be exact, is where my talented colleagues (Kenevan & Dan) and greatest of hosts (Kenevan & Dan)  waited upon our arrival.

Former room-mates Jeff and I,  made the trip together in my hot ride and got to catch up while blasting Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage, Act I&II respectively.”

Over the next 11 days, we would work day and night on what I predict is this group’s breakthough effort…

Needless to say, each member of the band; including newest member Blair Hogan on guitars/banjo/mando and rock,  poured their passions into every take and ferociously side-kicked open a door to a gateway of bible-esque creativity and post teenage angst.

Leading up to the tracking, main songwriter Shawn and I,  had a few writing sessions together and penned a couple of numbers including the so-evil “Dangerous Girl” as well as probable album closer “Princes of the Night.”

Not only has Shawn had a clear vision for this record, but he is also a true storyteller and is about to let us have a peek at his sadnesses, regrets & victories. You’ll be the judge..

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