The Human Crush Sampler

Recorded and mixed by Eric Eggleston Additional recording by Kenevan McConnon & Andrew Burns Mastered by Mauricio Gargel.

The Human Crush is an album by Eric Eggleston

Writer, producer & mixer Eric Eggleston releases ‘The Human Crush,’ a record of unique grooves and melodies which feature: Shawn Tavenier, Angela Marie, Jeff Rogers, DeeDee Butters, Genevieve Bourgeois, Mazen Ayoub, James Rooke, Michel Delage, Mark Wilson, ilvekyo, Precise Kenny Creole, Jeff Asselin, Ed Lister & Juan Miguel Gomez Montant.

The track ‘Top Of The Hill,’ has been featured on the SHOWCASE/TNT television show “Rizoli & Isles.’

Listen To Your Bodycells now on regular rotation on LiVE 88.5


March 29th @ Stray Dog Brewing Co. in Orleans, ON. This will be a live concert shoot with a limited number of tickets available. Tickets here!

July 14th @H.O.P.E. Summerfest, 1pm.


The Human Crush is available wherever music is sold/streamed.

If you are in Ottawa, the vinyl edition is also available at The Record Centre.  (1099 Wellington St. West, Ottawa, ON)
At Sunrise Records. Place D’Orleans.

Aloha and good listening!