ilvekyo, Silver Creek & Christina Read are here, plus acknowledgements

Hey everyone!
It’s been a nutzoid year full of creating and a couple of those projects are nearly ready for consumption;

The Silver Creek record (14-songs and titled Princes and Kings,) which began nearly a year ago at 22 Studios in State College, PA (home of Joe Paterno) will be released on Dec 9th, 2011 in tandem with a gig in Ottawa on that night at Mavericks. Tickets here.

ilvekyo and I started his project (casually) in May and ended up with 4 studio tracks plus a live acoustic rendition of “The Good” to accompany its video. Studio versions of the Good & 1990Love are my faves!

Christina Read approached me to co-write and produce some “new country” tracks with her and we’ve done just that; big thank you to Mauricio Gargel and company in Nashville for nailing the nashville sounds for us.  These tracks will be done shortly.

Also this year, I was fortunate to accompany my colleague, Kenevan McConnon to France for some songwriting and a Masterclass with David Kahne & Michael Brauer at studio La Fabrique.

Earlier, K-Mac and I were in Florida with Bruce Swedien, Ed Cherney & Ramsees Mechan.

Also, had the pleasure of working with the great Michael Wagener at his Wire World in Nashville, TN.

Very confident in the fruits of my 2 trips to LA this year;  working with the uber-talented Chuck Wild, Simon Wilcox and Aaron Kamin.  Chuck, thank you for your wonderful hospitality!

I’ve just finished today, a neat project making 60’s sounding music for Emi Publishing UK.  It was a great challenge.  Always learning! Thank you Vincent.

Looking forward to the exciting projects and gnarly adventures which lie ahead.  Here’s to friends!

Big thanks to all mentioned above, as well as my brother Yves Eggleston, Mum and Dad, Christian Desjardins, Dan Johnstone, John Jennings, Art Noxon, Mason Quesnel, Liam Lloyd , James Rooke, Lee Wagner, Silver Creek, Ty Hall, Tim Connors, Andrew Burns, Kelly Craig & Trevor Bowering for your support.

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