Can You Feel it!?

Hey y’all!

I haven’t blogged in a while, that means that I’ve been working on some cool music.

I’ve just wrapped up 6 tunes with “Les Mosquitos.”  I’m really into their style; “reggae-ska with some 90’s.”
Check out the sample here. They are also an energetic live band and great guys to boot. Watch out!

I did some vocal tracking with new country artist, Rory Gardiner and mixed his upcoming single “If I Didn’t Have You,” to be released in the summer.

Recording an EP with The Tail Draggers, the old-fashioned way, can be lots of fun.
Old-fashioned, meaning we recorded and mixed it in 3 days.
Their tunes will make you wanna rob a bank and kill the teller;  Check it out- Tail Draggers.

Also tweaked and mixed Liam Lloyd’s “Fly Away.”
Fly Away!
Then, Liam and I worked on new material of his; a heavy tune called; “Against the Sun.” It’s a cross between Gordon Lightfoot and Alice in Chains. At the end of those late-night sessions, we’d play guitar and come up with new ideas. Two of them were too neat to ignore, so we developed them and recorded them for what will be some kind of Eggleston-Lloyd venture.
On those 2 tracks, we enlisted the talents of Caleel Hall on drums, and Kelly Craig on trumpet and bass.

Cut a driving rock tune with my good friend Trevor Bowering and his boys called “No Way Out.”
Then, in a similar fashion, Trevor and I wrote a cool number that we will each do a vocal version of.
Great drumming on that one by Mark “A-rhythm-itik” Wilson.

Hope all is well,

More blogs coming this week from sunny Los Angeles, CA.

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