Big Money Shot

I’ve always been impressed with how eclectic Ottawa bands & artists are.  Brilliant or mediocre, it’s rare that you’ll spot any wannabes or imitators; everyone’s got their own thing cooking.

Wether you’re into blues, rock, jazz, punk, hip-hop, metal, indie etc, you’ll find it in the Nation’s Capital, many blend their own neat twists and sometimes it’s all fused together.

As an Ottawa producer, I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with a few great recipients of LiVE 88.5’s Big Money Shot  (Ty Hall, Liam Lloyd, Les Mosquitos and Tympanic.)
The BMS is an initiative in which, Newcap Radio infuses development funds into local artists/bands to further their careers in music. For 7 years now, this contest has been proudly run by Ottawa’s alternative, LiVE 88.5.

Like most people, I don’t really believe in contests to validate whose art is better, but the BMS gets bands working hard and pushing themselves (sometimes out of a dormant state) the extra mile, just like an athlete would in their final run for the championship.

Making quality records and touring is pricey and if you don’t have a rich uncle or an angel investor, you need to look elsewhere in order to realize your ambitions.
As a touring musician myself, I feel compassion for the creative minds that I work with on a daily basis.

I’m blogging about this mainly because I was out last weekend bouncing between a handful of venues and in the space of 3 hours, I caught a reggae-rock group, a folk duo, a hip hop-metal outfit and an all-girl alternative “Courtney Love” type act.  And it was all pretty good.

Support Live Music! And don’t forget your earplugs.

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