Johnny Hall Productions hangs out with mega music producer, Daniel Lanois
Johnny Hall Productions at Studio La Fabrique
Ottawa producer in Los Angeles
Eric Eggleston with Michael Wagener
Johnny Hall Productions Ed Cherney
Eric Eggleston has studied with hit producer Michael Wagener
Johnny Hall Productions collaborates with Chuck Wild
Johnny Hall Productions, songwriting with Simon Wilcox
Johnny Hall Productions recording session
Michael Wagener's guitars
Audio production Ottawa
Johnny Hall Productions @ 22 Studios, Pennsylvania
Swedien microphone @ 22 Studios
Eric Eggleston, Ottawa Producer
Johnny Hall Productions recording studio
music production Silver Creek
Eric Eggleston, record producer
Music Producer Eric Eggleston @ 22 Studios
Eric Eggleston, Buce Swedien in Florida
Johnny Hall Productions learning on Thriller mixing desk
Johnny Hall Productions collaborates with Ken Freisen
Eric Eggleston with Bruce Swedien in Los Angeles
Eric Eggleston, Ottawa Music Producer
David Kahne
At the Neve @ La Fabrique, France
Johnny Hall Productions in Paris, France
Recording studio in Ottawa, Canada
Recording with Michael Wagener

Johnny Hall Productions has full audio production capabilities; provides custom songwriting as well as access to its eclectic song library.

A graduate of the “In the Studio with Bruce Swedien” masterclass in Los Angeles, Eric Eggleston has also mentored with Grammy-winning mixer & producer Michael Brauer and David Kahne respectively.

Eric has worked and collaborated with:

RECORDING/PRODUCTION: Johnny Hall provides results that give your project the edge it deserves to compete. If you’re looking to fully experience making a record without life’s distractions, we offer production packages down at our affiliate studio; 22 Studios in Pennsylvania, USA.
Or, if you’re looking for that “Nashville Sound,” we will have your tracks made there.

MIXING: Give your previously recorded material a new result!  Our studio is fired up to bring your record to life.

SONGWRITING: As an experienced songwriter who works in all genres; Eric will help your tune realize it’s full potential. Eric has a US publishing deal that continue to benefit some of the projects that he works/co-write with.