Jun 12, 2015 0

With James Rooke of LeMeow

Hey there! I recently stretched my legs in Los Angeles for the ASCAP EXPO where I caught some great keynotes by Aloe Blacc, Bill Withers, Paul Williams, Richard Marx and my buddy Ralph Murphy.  Lots of discussions on payment models […]

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Mar 22, 2015 0

The Human Crush

Tracking Beau Réal at the chalet

Hey everybody, what’s shaking? Here’s an overdue update from the creative cockpit, here at Johnny Hall… It’s  been quite the eclectic musical trip these past few months; been working with Canadian country duo ‘Sons Command‘ on a pile of tracks […]

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Oct 1, 2014 0

You Are What You Is.


I guess it’s just a given that my updates are a couple of months apart! I wonder how Dear Abby and Perez keep it so consistent? This past summer’s been great for music, and as it’s always been my duty […]

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Jul 11, 2014 0

Rob Ford; the musical.


Check out the new Angela Marie (aka Angela Raspberry) tune ‘Jibberish.’ We wrote this one together. Mike Guibault dropped by the studio to shoot some video while we were finishing up, check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQgPHjMyvCw Hope that everyone is enjoying […]

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Mar 23, 2014 0

Season of Grooves

At the place, Pensado's Place

Hey everyone! Been a while since I’ve posted a blog on here..Been working away on a few exciting projects. First off, I spent a couple of weeks in Los Angeles, catching up with my publisher as well as meetings and […]

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